Water Education

School Program

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Each year approximately 110,000 students participate in the Water Education Assembly Program. Public and private elementary schools in El Toro Water District service area have taken advantage of this valuable and free water education program. The Municipal Water District of Orange County and the Discovery Cube developed and administer the program.  El Toro Water District brings the program to the elementary schools in our service area.

The program consists of five grade-specific water education assemblies (K-5). Topics covered satisfy California State Science Standards for each grade level. The goal is to educate students about the importance and value of water, the water cycle, water supply, water conservation and the personal responsibility we all have as environmental stewards.

Assemblies are informative, interactive, hands-on and fun. Each one lasts 30 to 45 minutes depending on grade level. Certified water education teachers conduct the assemblies from about 8 am to 2 pm on the designated school day. Teachers receive information packets before the assemblies for their reference, and students receive take-home “Ricki the Raindrop” activity booklets after the assemblies to reinforce learning.

Scheduling Assemblies at Your School

Approximately 1,300 public and private elementary students in El Toro Water District’s service area participate in the water education assembly program each year. Schools that have or are participating are:

  • Abiding Savior Lutheran
  • Del Cerro Elementary
  • Grace Christian Lake Forest
  • Olivewood Elementary
  • San Joaquin Elementary

Limited space is available each school year. Administrators, teachers and others who schedule school assemblies are encouraged to book your assembly early. To book your FREE onsite water education program please contact Adam Jacobson with Discovery Cube at (714) 263-3806 or ajacobson@discoverycube.org. Alternate phone is 714-913-5030. Information is also available online at http://www.discoverycube.org/oc/free-programs/

Water Awareness Poster Contest

The Municipal Water District of Orange County and the Family of Orange County Water Agencies are pleased to present the 2017 Water Awareness Poster Contest! Our goal is to get students thinking about the importance of  our most valuable natural resource – water. Orange County students are encouraged to create artwork that reflect this year’s theme: FINDING WATER.

Open to all Orange County Students in grades K-12. Deadline is April 14, 2018.  Submissions must reflect the student’s own ability.

Posters must be drawn horizontally on 8.5×11 or 12×18 inch paper. Paper available upon request.

Original artwork only.  Posters submitted with copyrighted characters or images will not be accepted (e.g. Spongebob or Mickey Mouse). Students are allowed to use the Ricki Raindrop character in their design.

All posters will be the exclusive property of the Municipal Water District of Orange County for reproduction or promotional purposes, and may be published at mwdoc.com

Teachers: Submit your student’s artwork as a batch to be entered in a drawing for a class pizza party with Ricki the Rambunctious Raindrop!!!

Questions? Contact Bryce Roberto at broberto@mwdoc.com, or (714) 593-5017

Click here for the 2018 Poster Contest Flyer


Children’s Water Education Festival

Each year the Orange County Water District (OCWD), Disneyland Resort, National Water Research Institute (NWRI) and the OCWD Groundwater Guardian team, with the support of other companies, public agencies and community-based organizations, present the Children’s Water Education Festival (Festival).

The 21st annual Children’s Water Education Festival, the largest of its kind in the United States, was held March 29-30, 2017 at the University of California, Irvine. More than 7,000 third, fourth and fifth grade students and their teachers attended the event.  The 21st annual CWEF will be held March 28-29, 2018.

The Festival provides third, fourth and fifth grade students a unique opportunity to learn what they can do in their homes and community to protect and conserve water and the environment. Through interactive activities, students learn about local, regional and global water issues and empowers them to make a difference in protecting our water resources and make water wise choices today and in the future. All presentations are taught to California Science Standards. Since its inception, more than 115,000 Orange County students have experienced the Festival and all it has to offer.

The Festival is provided at no cost to Orange County schools.  For information on the event, please visit:   http://www.childrenwaterfestival.com/