Engineering Documents

For new construction / existing remodeling projects, see the following:

New Construction Will Serve Application Procedures and Requirements

Developers will be required to agree and sign the Commitment Letter, click below for Sample Language:

Sample Commitment Letter

In addition to Plan Check and Inspection Fees, use the following links to access Schedule of Fees:
Capital Facilities Fee – Water (Residential and Non-Residential)
Capital Facilities Fee – Sewer (Residential)
Capital Facilities Fee – Sewer (Non-Residential)

Applications for Food Service Establishments and Industrial Users:

Wastewater FOG Application (Commercial Kitchen)
Wastewater Discharge Permit Application (Industrial User)

When submitting plans, provide 24″ x 36″ drawings with the following notes:


For temporary / construction water meter, please fill out and submit the following:

Construction Meter Application

Prior to construction, provide the minimum Contractor Insurance Requirements.

The District is currently updating its Standard Drawings and Standard Specifications. Please inquire at the email address below if you have specific drawing / specification requests.

For any other Utility Requests, please contact

Plans and Documents
Water and Sewer Master Plan Document (2004)

A fire hydrant flow test provides pressure and flow data at specific fire hydrants within the District’s distribution system. The data can be used to assess the pressure and flow available for fire protection, sprinkler system design, mainline design, and proper sizing of domestic and/or fire service lines.

The District conducts fire hydrant flow tests either in the field or via a hydraulic model. If conducted in the field, the fire hydrant flow test requires testing three fire hydrants: (1) Flowing & (2) Residual. The first hydrant is the flow hydrant, which is located closest to the property being tested. The second and third are the test (residual) hydrants and are located directly upstream or downstream from the flow hydrant. If conducted in the hydraulic model, the District will simulate conditions on the desktop to produce the same results.

Process Flow Chart, Submission Instructions, and answers to FAQs.

For starting commercial (non-residential) water and sewer services. Services typically include a potable water meter and sewer service. In some cases, service may be multiple potable water meters, multiple sewer services, irrigation services, and/or fire protection services. These different services depend on the commercial business and requirements of other agencies such as Orange County Fire Authority or your City’s Building Division.

Process Flow Chart, Submission Instruction and answers to FAQs.