Engineering Documents

For new construction / existing remodeling projects, see the following:

New Construction Will Serve Application Procedures and Requirements

Developers will be required to agree and sign the Commitment Letter, click below for Sample Language:

Sample Commitment Letter

In addition to Plan Check and Inspection Fees, see links below to Schedule of Fees:
Capital Facilities Fee – Water (Residential and Non-Residential)
Capital Facilities Fee – Sewer (Residential)
Capital Facilities Fee – Sewer (Non-Residential)

Applications for Food Service Establishments and Industrial Users:

Wastewater FOG Application (Commercial Kitchen)
Wastewater Discharge Permit Application (Industrial User)

When submitting plans, provide 24″ x 36″ drawings with the following notes, as applicable:


For temporary / construction water meter, please fill out and submit the following:

Construction Meter Application

Prior to construction, provide the minimum Contractor Insurance Requirements.

The District is currently updating its Standard Drawings and Standard Specifications. Please inquire if you have specific drawing / specification requests.

For Utility Requests, please contact