About Us

Regional ReservoirThank you for visiting the El Toro Water District (ETWD) website. ETWD was formed in 1960 and serves nearly 50,000 people in southern Orange County and is a fully integrated water, sewer and recycled water retail operation. A pioneer in Water Recycling, ETWD also built and maintains the El Toro Reservoir, a 275 million gallon storage facility.

In 2008 ETWD opened the Education, Training and Operations Center, which houses an Emergency Operations Center (EOC). This facility can, in an emergency, allow ETWD to continue to serve customers and maintain vital infrastructure. ETWD has been awarded the District of Distinction Award by the Special District Leadership Foundation, a testament to the responsible leadership that has been a long-standing tradition at ETWD.

The mission of the El Toro Water District is to provide its customers a safe, adequate and reliable supply of water and wastewater service in an environmentally and economically responsible way.