Facts and Figures


Formed: September, 1960
Purpose: To cost effectively and reliably finance, construct, operate and maintain a water and wastewater system.
Service Area: Covers about 5,430 acres including all of the city of Laguna Woods (36%), and portions of the cities of Laguna Hills (21%), Mission Viejo (12%), Lake Forest (27%) and Aliso Viejo (4%)
Population Served: 49,124 (as of December 2017)


Budget: Average annual budget, $22 Million
Staffing: 62 employees

Facilities – Potable Water:

Reservoirs: Six, combined owned capacity 136.5 Million Gallons
Distribution System: Over 170 miles of water lines and 8 booster stations with (12) water pressure zones.
Isolation Valves: 5,600
Fire Hydrants: 1,878
Cross Connection Devices: 1,950
Distribution Pressure Reducing Facilities: 27
Water Service Connections: 9,562
Water Quality Analysis: Operates a fully state certified laboratory
Emergency Connections with other Districts: Trabuco Canyon, Moulton Niguel, Laguna Beach County, Santa Margarita, and Irvine Ranch Water Districts
Transmission/Distribution Sample Points: 57
The District collects and analyzes 8,750 water quality samples per year

Facilities – Sanitation:

Wastewater Treatment Plant: Capacity of 6 mgd
Collection System: 119 miles of 4″ to 24″ sewer collection pipelines
Sewer Pumping Facilities: 11 (9 submersible and 2 dry well) 1 large gravity zone
Effluent Pumping: 2 effluent pumping stations to convey treated secondary effluent to the ocean
Wastewater Quality Analysis: Operates a fully state certified laboratory
Manholes: 3,200
Effluent Storage: 12.5 mg
Pretreatment Program: The District performs its own Industrial Pretreatment Program.

Facilities – Recycled Water:

Tertiary Treatment Plant: Capacity of 3.7 mgd
Distribution System: 19 miles of 4″ to 20″ recycled water pipelines
Isolation Valves: 211
Water Service Connections: 210