ETWD Demonstration Garden

Drought-friendly landscapingDrought-friendly landscaping with walking pathDrought-friendly landscaping with minimal grass

In response to the California drought, ETWD made a permanent change to its landscape located at 24251 Los Alisos Blvd., Lake Forest, CA, 92630.  The “Emergency” drought is over, but the drought still exists and water conservation must become a way of life.

ETWD completed phases II and III of the Demonstration Garden Project that rehabilitated the landscaping of the Main Office parking lot area, the large turf area adjacent to Los Alisos Blvd. and east and west sides of the driveway entrance.

The main objective of this project is to promote and educate the public on efficient outdoor water use and demonstrate a variety of California Friendly and drought tolerant plants in ETWD’s service area.  The garden will be an educational resource to show visitors that these plants are colorful, beautiful, available locally (depending on demand) and can be incorporated into any residential or commercial landscape.  The largest water savings potential is in outdoor water use.  By removing the large water thirsty lawn and replacing the area with California Friendly and drought tolerant plants, ETWD will save thousands of gallons of water.  Water saving estimates will be available after the garden has been established.  An additional benefit of the garden includes attracting essential wildlife like hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, insects and local birds

The landscaping includes four gardens including an Australian/New Zealand, Mediterranean, Succulent, and South African gardens with California Friendly/Natives throughout.   Approximately 100 variety of plants are showcased.  The garden incorporates decomposed granite walkways, boulders, dry creek stream beds, bridge, mulch, and synthetic turf.  Smart irrigation timers and an updated drip irrigation system are also incorporated.  Individual plant signage, educational interpretive signage and a brochure are currently in development.

ETWD began planning the garden with the Saddleback College Landscape Designers Alumni Association to develop a conceptual plan.  Landscape Architect Richard Fisher and Associates developed the conceptual plan into a full design plan.  DMA Greencare, Inc. was awarded the construction contract and completed the project in May 2017. ETWD staff is partnering with the Lake Forest Garden Club and local Boy Scouts to assist with others aspects of the project.

Plant List

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