Hazard Mitigation Plan


The Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) along with El Toro Water District and 18 water and wastewater utilities throughout Orange County have initiated an update to the 2012 Orange County Regional Water & Wastewater Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan (MJHMP).  The MJHMP provides a framework for water and wastewater utilities in Orange County to reduce their vulnerability to the impacts of natural and man-made hazard events such as earthquakes, flooding, and hazardous materials spills. The Federal Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (DMA 2000) requires state and local governments to have an approved hazard mitigation plan in order to be eligible to apply for and receive FEMA hazard mitigation funds.  Receipt of these funds can be critical to implementation of identified hazard mitigation programs.

FEMA has strict guidelines to develop an approved plan. One of those requires each agency to involve the public throughout the development process. Public participation is important because it helps raise awareness of the hazards we face in Orange County and the actions needed to mitigate those hazards. The public will be allowed to provide comments and will be invited to take a survey (see link below). All public input will be considered and integrated into the plan where appropriate.  Opportunities for the community to provide input, ask questions, and review/comment on draft documents will be provided throughout the planning process.

The public will be involved in the process through public meetings, information on our website, and social media platforms. The proposed website text is designed to educate the public on hazard mitigation, the importance of the plan, the development process, and the importance of their input. The survey is designed to help agencies gauge the level of knowledge the community has about natural disaster issues and to obtain input about areas of the County that may be vulnerable to various types of natural disasters. The information obtained will help identify and coordinate projects focused on reducing the risk of personal injury or damage to property from future hazard events.

We encourage residents, businesses, and our coordinating partners to review the plan and provide input for this update.  As the participating agencies continue to work on the document, we will continuously seek recommendations from the public to enhance the process. The 2012 Draft plan is available electronically by accessing the links below. Public comments regarding El Toro Water District can be made via e-mail to district@etwd.com or in person at ETWD, 24251 Los Alisos Blvd., Lake Forest, CA, 92630.

To review the 2012 Orange County Regional Water and Wastewater Mulit-Hazard Mitigation Plan, please click here.

Currently, a hazard mitigation survey is available and is anoymous.  Customers can take the survey by clicking here.