Water Use Efficiency

Currently, El Toro Water District has adequate water supply available to meet the demands of its customers. However, a key responsibility of El Toro Water District has been and continues to be the education of water users within its service area about the importance of water use efficiency and the need to “Make Water Conservation a Way of Life”.

With this knowledge, users within the District service area are able to understand the complex water issues affecting Orange County, and Southern California and, more importantly, the need for planning and conservation. In addition to supporting the water conservation programs of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, El Toro Water District has developed its own local program.

Conservation Goals & Objectives
The goals of El Toro Water District’s water conservation program are to educate the general public within its service area through the promotion of water awareness, and encouraging where feasible, water conserving measures of El Toro Water District. The District will emphasize conservation in landscape applications and other uses around the exteriors of commercial/industrial buildings and residences. Ensuring that the import water supply continues to be of the highest quality will be a priority for the purpose of enhancing El Toro Water District’s recycled water production for beneficial reuse.
Conservation Guidelines
El Toro Water District’s water use efficiency staff uses a series of conservation measures developed by the California Urban Water Conservation Council (CUWCC) as guidelines to safeguard this finite resource. With the signing of the CUWCC’s Memorandum of Understanding, El Toro Water District adopted Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for urban water conservation. As part of its Conservation Program, El Toro Water District encourages it’s customers to replace water-wasteful devices with water-saving and high efficiency devices.
Permanent Water Conservation Requirements Outdoor Water Conservation/Watering Calculator
Water usage outdoors can account for approximately 50 – 70% of total water usage in Southern California Homes. By cutting back on outdoor irrigation, residents can save the region up to 12 percent of its water supplies-water that can be put into storage for the future. Landscaping with Native and California Friendly plants not only saves water, but are beautiful, help support the local ecosystems and provide habitats for birds, butterflies and pollinators.   The public is asked to reduce outdoor watering and landscape with Native and California Friendly plants using water efficient devices such as a weather-based irrigation controller, drip irrigation and rotating spray nozzles.


An informative source for water efficient gardening is www.bewaterwise.com, a resource for checking the current watering index for efficient irrigation, reviewing the photos and descriptions of 1,000 California native and friendly plants, designing and maintaining water-efficient gardens and yards, and much more.

Outdoor Irrigation Schedule:

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