Private Sewer Systems


Applicable to all Private Sewer Lines.


Public Sewer Lines:

Public Sewer Lines are those lines designed and constructed in accordance with District Standards, are the property of or have been dedicated to and accepted by the District and are located in public rights of way or legally established utility easements.

Private Sewer Lines:

Private Sewer Lines are lines not defined as Public Sewer Lines. For the purpose of this schedule, Private Sewer Lines will be limited to sewer laterals and collection lines located outside of commercial buildings and residential dwelling units.

Limits of Responsibility

The following identifies the limits of the District’s responsibility regarding facilities:

The District is responsible for the maintenance and operation of all public wastewater facilities that have been designed and constructed to meet District standards, have been dedicated to and accepted by the District and is located in public rights-of-way or legally established easements.

The District is not responsible for the maintenance and operation of private wastewater facilities that have not been dedicated to or accepted by the District, such as internal and external building sewer laterals serving commercial and residential customers.


The District owns, operates and maintains a public wastewater system throughout the District’s service area consisting of collector sewers, pumping stations and pressurized force mains, all of which transport wastewater to the District’s Water Recycling Plant for treatment and disposal. All of the District sewer facilities are constructed within legally established easements and public rights-of-way or on property directly owned by the District. The District policy is to implement the best available procedures of operation and maintenance of the public sewer system in order to protect natural resources and the environment within the District and the related watershed area as well as the Pacific Ocean. Hence, the District maintains all of its wastewater system facilities on a regular basis so as to minimize the opportunity for accidental discharges or spillage of wastewater. Local, State and Federal regulations establish Waste Discharge Requirements Prohibiting Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO) from sanitary sewer systems at any point upstream of the District’s Water Recycling Plant.

The maintenance of private sewer systems and compliance with applicable SSO regulations for private sewer systems are the responsibility of the private property owner. The District has determined that private sewer systems can be the source of accidental spills of wastewater due to broken lines or blockages. It is the District’s objective to educate its customers regarding applicable SSO regulations and the necessity to employ best available procedures for operation and maintenance of their private sewer systems. In an effort to take all measures possible to further minimize the risk of wastewater spills within the District’s service area, the District may provide the following service programs on a case-by-case basis.

1. Emergency Cleanup/Repair Assistance Program For Private Sewer Lines (Residential and Commercial)


The cost of emergency response and repairs (line cleaning/blockage clearing) and sewer spill clean up to private sewer lines that are performed by the District with or without request of the property owner may be charged to the property owner.


Emergency response, repairs and clean-up of private sewer lines shall be performed by the District if the District determines that the continued operation of these facilities constitutes a health and safety hazard, or creates a physical threat to surrounding properties.


District shall provide sanitary sewer overflow notification to appropriate regulatory and public health agencies in accordance with applicable Local, State and Federal Waste Discharge and SSO Reporting Requirements.

B. Scope of Services

Emergency sanitary sewer overflow responses include but are not limited to locating problem origin, breaking/clearing the line stoppage and providing external (outside the commercial building or residential dwelling unit) pollution cleanup.

C. Fees For District Provided Emergency Services

An amount to be determined by the District’s General Manager on a case-by-case basis, based on the District’s published rate schedule for actual cost of emergency service provided.

2. Preventative Maintenance Assistance Program For Private Sewer Systems (Residential & Commercial)


The District may provide preventative maintenance services to private residential and commercial sewer systems on a case-by-case basis based on written terms and conditions mutually acceptable to the District’s General Manager and Customer.


Scope of Service

1. Video inspection
2. Line cleaning (outside commercial buildings and residential dwelling units).
3. Root Treatment.


Fees for District Provided Services

An amount to be determined by the District General Manager on a case-by-case basis, based on the District’s published rate schedule for actual preventative maintenance services provided.