Start/Stop Service

How to Start Service

If you are a new customer, please call El Toro Water District at (949) 837-0660 to start service.  Click here for addtional ETWD contact information.  An office representative will ask for certain pertinent information so please be prepared to provide that. If service is currently off, a field representative will be sent to the address to turn on the water. If water is running and the new customer is not present, the field representative will shut the water off and leave instructions for the new customer on how to turn the water back on. If service is currently on, a field representative will go to the address and read the meter for the accurate reading at the transfer of service point.

How to Stop Service

Current customers should call the El Toro Water District at (949) 837-0660 or visit the online service portal page to request that service be terminated on a certain day. A field representative will then go to the address and read the meter for the final bill calculation. If a future customer has not requested service at that address the water will be shut off and the meter assembly locked so the water cannot be turned back on until a new customer requests service.