Residential Rebates


El Toro Water District in collaboration with the Municipal Water District of Orange County and Metropolitan Water District of Southern California offer water saving programs and rebates for qualifying outdoor and indoor water-saving devices for ETWD customers. Rebates are available while funding lasts and take approximately 6 – 12 weeks to process.

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Residential Outdoor Rebates


Rebate Level

Weather Based Smart Sprinkler Timer Up to $250
Soil Moisture Sensor Controller Up to $150
Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles Up to $2 per nozzle
Drip Irrigation $0.75 sq. ft. up to 5,000 sq. ft.
Rain Barrels and Cisterns Up to $50 per rain barrel and $250 – $350 per cistern
Turf Removal $4 sq. ft. up to 5,000 sq. ft. (annual maximum)

*Turf rebates do not apply to designated recycled water sites
*If you have already removed your turf, your project is not eligible for this program. Additionally, projects must not be started prior to the receipt and acknowledgement of this Program’s Letter to Proceed.

Residential Indoor Rebates


Rebate Level

High Efficiency Clothes Washers   Up to $200
Premium High Efficiency Toilets (4-Liter)Replace existing 1.6 gpf toilets with a 1.1 gpf or less toilet.   Up to $100 per toilet

Water Saving Programs


Landscape Design and Maintenance Assistance Programs FREE (for turf removal participants)
Landscape design and maintenance guide from a qualified professional
California Friendly Landscape Designs FREE OC Friendly Landscape Designs for your use