Variance/Adjustment Request

The Water Budget-Based Tiered Conservation Rate Structure is designed to provide an adequate amount of water for indoor and outdoor use. This approach is intended to encourage efficient use of water. Tier 1 is classified as a customer’s efficient indoor water budget and Tier 2 is classified as a customer’s efficient outdoor water budget. Customers that use water in excess of these water budgets/tiers are charged at higher tiered rates in Tiers 3 and 4. The District’s rate structure rewards efficient water use and helps reduce water waste.

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to contact the District to request water budget variances and adjustments through the ETWD Variance/Adjustment Request Form.

One-Time Adjustments:

  • Household Size – Increased Number of People Residing in a Home
  • Landscape Area

ETWD is committed to making sure everyone has a personalized water budget that provides the water necessary to meet their efficient needs. If your needs are different than your allocation or you need a one-time bill adjustment, please complete the Variance/Adjustment Request Form below.

Variances to Allocations:

  • Medical Needs
  • Licensed Adult Care/Elderly Care/Child Care Facility
  • Large Animals
  • Refilling Pool* (variance allowed once every 2 years)
  • Re-establishing Landscape* (variance allowed once every 2 years)

*During local and statewide drought conditions, variances for refilling pool and re- establishing landscapes may not be approved.

Documentation will be required for each adjustment/variance request at the discretion of the District. Please see the Variance/Adjustment Request Form or call ETWD Customer Service for acceptable documentation.

Any customers providing falsified information to the District may be liable for back charges. Bill calculations based on falsified information will be recalculated with corrected customer account details.


  • A customer service representative will contact you regarding the final status of your application or if any additional documents are needed.
  • Approved variance/adjustment requests will remain active for a period of 24 months and do not renew automatically.  It is the customer’s responsibility to resubmit a completed variance/adjustment request form with the required additional documentation prior to expiring.
  • Approved variances/adjustments will take effect the following billing period.
  • Retroactive budget variances/adjustments will not be granted.
  • During local and statewide drought conditions, variances for refilling pool and re- establishing landscapes may not be approved.

Variance/Adjustment Request Form:
Please download a PDF version of the Variance/Adjustment Request Form and submit it to El Toro Water District through one of the options below.

Click here to download the Variance/Adjustment Request Form.

Please mail the form to:
El Toro Water District
Attn: Customer Service – Variance Form
24251 Los Alisos Blvd., Lake Forest, CA 92630.

Fax form to:

Email completed form to: