Your Meter

Your meter is read monthly and regularly checked for maintenance and repairs. Please help us to serve you by keeping the meter box free of plants, shrubs, dirt and cement. Don’t risk contaminating your water supply by pouring paint, cleaning solutions or other chemicals into your meter box.

How to Read your Meter

Most meters resemble the one shown in the diagram and are generally located in a concrete meter box near the street in front of your home.

The meter is read like an automobile odometer. ETWD’s meters record cubic feet of water used. Each cubic foot equals 7.48 gallons.

If you can’t find your meter, or it looks different than the one pictured, please call ETWD at (949)837-0660.

To Check for Slow or Invisible Leaks

Turn off all water taps inside and outside your home. Record the meter reading and return in two to three hours to check for movement. If the meter reading has changed, you may have a leak. Many meters have a small red triangle on the meter face, designed to detect even small leaks. If this red triangle is moving when you ave all water off inside and outside your home, you may have a leak. Many meters have a “low-flow” indicator on the register to detect small amounts of usage. These “low-flow” indicators are generally red or blue and either round or triangular in shape. If the “low-flow” indicator is moving when you have all water off inside and outside your home, you may have a leak.

To Track Your Daily Usage

Read and record the meter reading on at least two consecutive days. By subtracting the previous day’s reading from the current reading, you will find out how many cubic feet of water you used in a specific period of time. By multiplying the number of cubic feet by 7.48 you will determine how many gallons of water were used.