General Manager’s Compensation

The day to day operations of the El Toro Water District are overseen by the General Manager. The General Manager is appointed by and reports directly to the Board of Directors. The General Manager is responsible for all operations, financial and administration activities of the District. The General Manager is also responsible for managing the 61 individuals employed by the District.

The General Managers compensation consists of a base salary, health insurance (medical/dental/vision), other insurance (life, AD& D, long and short-term care) and defined contribution pension benefits (401(k) & 457 Plans) along with an auto allowance. The General Manager also receives sick, vacation and post retirement medical insurance benefits consistent with all full time employees of the District.

2020 Benefits – General Manager
Base Salary
$ 281,154
Health Insurance
$ 21,794
Other Insurance
$ 2,350
Pension Plans
$ 51,086
Auto Allowance
$ 7,200