Letter From Our General Manager

bobh_new (1)I wanted to take this opportunity to personally welcome you as an existing or new customer of the El Toro Water District (ETWD) and introduce you to our website. The Board of Directors, my highly trained staff, and I are dedicated to ensuring that our state-of-the-art potable water, wastewater and recycled water systems is operated and maintained to competitively and reliably serve our customers today and for generations to come.

The mission of the El Toro Water District is to “provide its customers safe, adequate and reliable supply of water and wastewater service in an environmentally and economically responsible way.”

We have successfully maintained the faith of that mission for over 55 years. As we move forward, strategic planning for the future to ensure operational success and customer satisfaction includes:

  • Continued collaboration with our wholesale water supplier to cost effectively and reliably develop a diverse portfolio of high quality water resources
  • Expansion of local recycled water deliveries for beneficial reuse
  • Proactive participation in local and regional water conservation programs to advance efficient and responsible use of existing and new water resources
  • On-going infrastructure assessment, restoration and replacement with prudent financial planning that supports the District’s overall goals and actions
  • On-going evaluation of implications from climate changes

Meeting ETWD’s objectives and controlling our costs mandates that we do not operate in a vacuum. To that end, our success story includes a philosophy that promotes and fosters partnering between the District and local/regional water agencies, environmental and regulatory groups, local municipalities, community associations and the residential and commercial customers that we serve.

I invite you to participate in our open and public process of monthly Board Meetings and quarterly Community Advisory Group (CAG) Meetings to gain knowledge, and more important, provide input to the process. The CAG meeting topics are as diverse as the community we serve. Topics include discussions regarding annual budgets, future water supply, water use efficiency practices, regional coordination between local governments, water quality, regulatory and environmental mandates and relative legislative activity. More information about meeting opportunities is available on www.etwd.com under the “Agenda & Minutes” and “Calendar” sections.

At El Toro Water District, we place great value in the interests and concerns of the people we serve. Two-way communication plays an important role in our near and long term planning for the District.

We look forward to serving your water related service needs.

Robert (Bob) R. Hill